Our Products

Our full color LED signs are the most eye-catching and versatile signs you can have for your business. You can display photo realistic graphics, run high quality animations and even display full motion video on many of the models. If you really want to make a true marketing impact for your business, the full color LED sign is the way to go.

1.)  Signs range from having the ability to display millions of colors

2.)  Resolutions of the LED signs range up to almost HD quality viewing

3.)  Program any animation, message and video on your sign to showcase your products and services to your potential customers who pass by every day

4.)  We offer many sizes of the full color LED signs, please call to determine the best size and location for your business

5.)  The software that comes with the sign makes changing your daily messages quick and easy.


·       LED Modules

We use state of the art modules. Our modules are the latest technology and the best available. We fully cutomize every display and billboards to the customer’s specifications.  We looked at cost, reliablility, functionality, and customer needs when we developed our choices available.  Most companies offer outdoor modules of 16mm and 20mm. We offer them at 10mm (best), 15mm, and 20mm.  In addition, all of our modules are brand new and manufactured to meet the needs of the customer.  Our circuit boards and LED Diodes are the best in the industry and we continually are researching and developing the newest modules with cutting edge technology.  Our modules not only offer better resolution than most, but they are also more energy efficient than most.  We are a true leader in cutting edge technology when it comes to LED displays.  Our full color and single color (mono color) displays produce some of the most vivid and breath taking views available in the industry.

·       Structure & Cabinet Design

We have over Three (3) generations of fabricators and are a leader in design and fabrication.  We offer the best built cabinets and structures in the industry.  Our modules and cabinets are all designed for front access for servicing the signs and billboards to allow easier entry and a sleeker design.  Our cabinets and structures are designed to withstand the elements of mother nature and can handle any temperature or weather conditions.  Our cabinets are made from 100% American-extruded aluminum which provides the highest level of protection for all components.  Our impervious cabinets also are coated so that they can withstand all the harsh elements.

·       Preconfigured Laptop

We offer a preconfigured laptop with every sign and display that we sell.  Laptops are preloaded with software, training videos, and manuals to ensure the ease of your experience.  We also go an extra step of being there to help out our customers when in need.  We also will train our clients how to work the software.  Even after the installation is over, our team will be there for you.