LED Advantages

“Advertisement works, Why? We just made you look!”


Our staff is fully trained and experienced on every area of the development for LED signs and billboards. With over Three (3) generations of fabricators, our team is a leader in building the custom cabinets and structures. We have years of customer service and reliability within our company.


LED signs and billboards are the preferred choice when it comes to advertising. They allow you to quickly and easily change and tailor your message or marketing campaign to meet the needs of “you” the customer. There is no other form of advertising that can allow you to do this with the speed and ease of an LED display or digital billboard. They offer you the most cost effective way to get your message and advertisng out to your intended viewing audiences. You have the ability to instantly announce a surprise sale, end of the day, week or month specials. You can also post public service announcements to please your town and customer base.

Why Choose Pro Tech LED?

Here at Pro Tech LED our signs are designed and manufactured right here in Western New York. This has many advantages for you, our potential client. We use new state of the art modules which allow us to build you an LED sign of any size. Ranging from 2×4 to 14×48, we can meet the needs for the small and/or larger companies.

A Stronger Return:
Our costs are much lower due to the fact that we manufacture everything locally. We pass the savings on to you which, in turn, gives you the best possible return on investment.

We are not subcontractors that buy signs from out of state and inflate the pricing.   Also, we do not buy used products and sell them as “new.”

Why Go with an LED?

  • Constant Viewing
  • Visible during the Day and at Night
  • Empowers business owners to cultivate their target market
  • Transitions viewers from potential customer, to first time customer, to repeat customer
  • Creates a memorable, attractive and informative advertising narrative over time
  • Energy Efficient, 80-90 % power savings
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Easy to Program
  • Real Time information
  • Easy to update from your personal computer
  • Income generator
  • Save on advertising expenses
  • Warranty

Advertising Facts

According the the SBA (Small Business Administration):

  • Your customers live within a 5 mile radius of your business
  • 89% of your potential customers pass by your store front 8-10 times per month
  • An LED Display will increase you business by 15%-150%